How Smugglers Killed Refugees. / كيف المهربون قتل اللاجئين. / چگونه قاچاقچیان پناهندگان کشته شدند. / কিভাবে চোরাকারবারি নিহত শরণার্থী. / Comment Smugglers tué des réfugiés. / Yadda smugglers Kashe ‘Yan Gudun Hijira. / Bawo ni smugglers Mú Asasala. / 如何走私被捕难民。

coffins-victims-shipwreck-off-sicily-are-seen-hangar-lampedusa-airportRecovered Refugees Bodies who drowned in the Mediterranean.




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untitled (2)  True number dead above 70 in Austrian Smugglers Vehicle.  2015 /   تعداد واقعی مرده بالاتر از 70 در قاچاقچیان اتریش خودرو. 2015   /  العدد الحقيقي     الميت فوق 70 في المهربين النمساوية السيارات. 2015এটা ঠিক যে সংখ্যা অস্ট্রীয় পাচারকারীদের যানবাহন 70 উপরে মৃত. 2015  /  Nombre réel Morte-dessus de 70 dans contrebandiers autrichienne véhicule. 2015  /  真正的死亡人数高于奥地利走私车辆70。 2015  /  gaskiya yawan AD sama 70 a Austria smugglers abin hawa. 2015  /  otito nọmba ti AD loke 70 ni Austrian smugglers ọkọ. 2015


54 Burmese refugees found dead after suffocating inside sweltering lorry

More than 50 Burmese refugees suffocated in the back of a container lorry taking them to Thailand.

The migrants, mostly women, were found dead inside after dozens escaped the horrific conditions inside and flagged down police.

Thai police said the refugees had suffocated after the ventilation failed in the airtight container.

Of the 54 dead, 37 were women and 17 were men.

Suffocated: Victims are laid out for identification ( PHOTO REMOVED) after being removed from the death-trap lorry, below

death truck

Thailand acts as a magnet for poor Burmese workers, with thousands fleeing military rule to risk the perilous journey in search of decent wages as builders, fishermen and housemaids.

Police said that the Burmese workers had crossed by boat to the Thai town of Rayong from Burma’s southern tip at Victoria Point – a route often used by illegal immigrants.

They had then been packed into an airtight container on a lorry for the journey to the resort island of Phuket.

Police said 47 workers had survived the incident late yesterday and flagged down police for help. Of these, 21 are in hospital and the rest have been detained for questioning, he said today.

Police colonel Kraithong Chanthongbaiand said that when police got to the scene, “they found that 54 of the workers were already dead in the packed container truck”.

“The people said they tried to bang on the walls of the container to tell the driver they were dying, but he told them to shut up as police would hear them when they crossed through checkpoints inside Thailand,” he said.

Police were searching for the truck’s driver, who fled the scene, and members of the gang who arranged the trip.

Col Kraithong blamed the driver for failing to turn on the air conditioning in the back of the truck, which was normally used to transport seafood.

Hundred of thousands of Burmese have fled the country under the junta’s regime, which has received worldwide criticism since soldiers killed and arrested protesters, including Buddhist monks, in a brutal crackdown.

Human rights groups have reported continued arrests and abuse, despite claims by the junta that the purge has stopped.

The ruling generals have been accused of gross human rights violations in suppressing the pro-democracy movement and ethnic minorities seeking autonomy or independence.

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At least 62 illegal migrants suffocated to death inside a shipping container found with more than 100 people in south-west Pakistan near the border with Afghanistant.

PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 20:16, Sat, Apr 4, 2009

 Illegal migrants suffocated in a shipping container in Quetta Pakistan Illegal migrants suffocated in a shipping container in Quetta, Pakistan

Police in the city of Quetta said the container had entered Pakistan from Afghanistan and was headed for Iran. He said most of the victims were Afghans.More than 100 people were inside the metal container when police opened it on a tip-off.Survivors were taken to hospital, many of them unconscious. A total of 62 were pronounced dead.The stench from the container suggested some might have been dead for days, police said.An investigation has been ordered.

30 People found dead in smugglers boat.  30 জন চোরাকারবারী নৌকায় লাশ উদ্ধার.    /  30 نفر در قاچاقچیان قایق مرده پیدا.  /   30 شخص عثر عليه ميتا في قارب المهربين.

/   30 ရက်ပြည်သူ့မှောင်ခိုလှေ၌သေတွေ့ရှိခဲ့ပါတယ်။  /     30 personnes trouvés morts dans contrebandiers bateau.  /;_ylt=A9mSs2F2Jc9Wm7YApgRLBQx.;_ylu=X3oDMTE0a2hzcHM3BGNvbG8DaXIyBHBvcwM2BHZ0aWQDVUlVS0MwMV8xBHNlYwNzcg–




21 Rohingya Drown As Boat Capsizes; World Silent


Thursday, April 21,2016

NEW DELHI: At least 21 people, belonging to the persecuted Rohingya minority in Myanmar, drowned after their boat capsized near Sittwe Township on Tuesday.

“There are conflicting reports of the precise number of people on board but local reports say that at least 15 are still missing,” said Chris Lewa of the Arakan Project which monitors Rohingya migrants.

It is under these circumstance that rights groups have alleged that the Myanmar government is supporting a policy of “ethnic cleansing” of the Rohingya, with William Schabas, a member of the International Association of Genocide Scholars saying that “the Rohingya are the prima facie victims of the crime against humanity of persecution,” consisting of “the severe deprivation of fundamental rights on discriminatory grounds.”